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A note about our Covid-19 response and Colorado event rentals

Everyone in our community has felt the effects of Covid-19. The events industry has been hit particularly hard in many different ways. Subsequently, Colorado event rentals have had to change in big ways. Accordingly we have had to make updates on how we function as a business. In order to do that we use the most up to date information to make sure our safety protocols are thorough and responsible. 

In our design center we make sure to always wear our face coverings, sanitize every display item after it has been touched and maintain a sanitary work environment. Additionally, our rentals go through a precise cleaning process when they’re returned and are rotated regularly to allow for the sanitation solution to take affect.

Most importantly, we are a family run business that cares about the safety of our staff and our valued customers. So if there are any questions or concerns you may have, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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