You may have missed us in the last two months. It was worth the wait. We worked with Highlands Ranch Mansion and An Essential Event to create a gorgeous setup for the 1930s. Please enjoy the photos from Creative Focus Photography.

This decade was the brunt of the Depression but that didn’t stop brides from making their weddings glamorous to keep up on the latest Hollywood fashion trend. The homespun and shabby chic style comes from this era. Brides used what they had available to make it a special day.

The Depression was a terrible time for the lower class, yet for those with money, it barely put a dent in their parties. For some socialites, it caused more of a reason to escape the economic troubles and throw an extravaganza at venues such as The Ritz and Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

After the short skirts of the 1920s, the wedding gowns of the ‘30s were longer and fuller. They were no longer simply called dresses. The trains would extend several feet and could come off to be made into a gorgeous dress after the wedding. The veils were shorter and the headdresses became more detailed with beads and frills.


Allwell Rents

Creative Focus Photography by Everett Stout

An Essential Event


Highlands Ranch Mansion