We are continuing our series of wedding tables through the ages with a look at 1910 fashion and decor. Dinner parties continued to be lit by candles with formal place settings.

After the turn of the century, dress fashion moved forward with higher waists, slimmer silhouettes and sleeves. The skirts were tighter and heavy-laden with beadwork which caused a bent posture called the Grecian bend. Brides stopped wearing gloves, a tradition that was important in matters of the heart since the Middle Ages, but signaled the new freedom of the 20th century.

The popularity of the phonograph allowed wedding receptions to include less expensive background music for dancing. Dances included the tango, turkey trot and hesitation waltz.

Technology was changing the world in many ways. The convenience of the automobile gave the newlyweds the opportunity to travel long distances for their honeymoon. Vehicles also made it possible to plan weddings at out-of town destinations. It was most exciting to travel by car instead of by train. New inventions and technology continue to influence weddings today with things like Pinterest and Facebook taking a prominent role in planning.

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