Traditions never die and the same is true for party and wedding traditions. Current wedding traditions come from the past. We decided to do a series of display tables that follow the change in style from 1900s to today. The first display is a turn of the century inspired wedding reception table. White was in fashion for flowers, fashion, invites, and bridal gowns. Wedding invites were official printed documents in black and white. This tradition continues today with the addition of save-the-dates and reception cards. Weddings at 2 p.m. were popular, so licenses had to be issued for nuptials to be legal after 12 p.m.

The fashion for women was high waists with corsets that flattened the stomach and lifted the chest, not that different from our culture’s ideal for the female body. Brides and their bridesmaids wore layers of lace, high collars, gloves, and flower adorned hats. The bride could wear her most expensive dress to formal parties for six months after the wedding. The modest and feminine style was influenced by the modern culture of the day as the country rushed into the 20th century with gusto.

by Rebecca Dickinson

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