These glass display holder rentals pair perfectly with our wood screen walls. Use the glass display holder to create the perfect champagne wall, wine displays, signature drink specials, what ever the beverage it’s easy to use one of our glass display holders to to showcase it.

Other Rentals We Recommend:

  • Any of our glassware rentals that have stems work perfectly in our glass display holders. The most popular rentals for that style of display are our standard champagne and our standard red wine goblet.
  • Ask us about turning one of our wooden walls into an faux ivy covered wall for your event. We are happy to put together quotes for any of our rentals.

Our Complimentary Services that come with your event rentals:

Design Center Consultation : Come into our design center and work with one of talented event coordinators. That way you know exactly what will arrive on the day of your big event.

Quotes : Accurate and price locked quotes in a timely manner. Quotes show all the detail you need to make decisions about your rentals and associated services.

Confirmation of orders and changes : Your order will always be confirmed by e-mail. This helps to keep your records current all the way until the day of.

Wall set and strike : Per the directions of a map or on-site director our delivery drivers will set up and strike your wall rental.

Emergency line: Allwell Rents answers the phone 24 hours per day. The intent of this service is to help with emergencies. Emergency delivery and pick ups do have a fee.


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