Give Thanks!

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday we are either preparing for the beginnings of parties, family gatherings, shopping extravaganzas, gift gatherings or all around enjoying the frenzy that the holiday brings. In this blog, Give Thanks!” we want to provide you with some easy and helpful tips to staying on top of the holiday rush to help you alleviate some stress.


    • Five weeks prior to Thanksgiving:
      1. Make a list of who is invited to your home.
      2. Decide on if you are going to have a buffet style Thanksgiving or a seated dinner.
      3. Decide on your menu and then make a list of all of the ingredients you will need to purchase at the store. There are many blogs, magazines and websites out there you can find to give you inspiration. Below is a recipe that Anne and David Lambert from Allwell Rents serves at her Thanksgiving dinner:

      Braised Brussels Sprouts and Carrots in Orange Sauce
      Let me start by stating some house rules for cooking. First never cook anything the same way twice. Second, vegetables without any black on them are not cooked right.


      • Brussels Sprouts (7 per person)
      • Carrots (1 large per person)
      • Garlic (smashed with side of knife or cut thickly)
      • Lea and Perins Worchester Sauce (2 teaspoons)
      • Orange Juice (3 cups will have left over)
      • Water (3 Cups, will have left over)
      • Apple cider vinegar 1 Table spoon
      • Crushed red pepper to taste, Anne’s taste is 1/4 teaspoon, Mine is 1/2 teaspoon Salt
      • Butter 1 and 1/2 tablespoon
      • Brussels sprouts should be no more than 1/2″ thick. Cut off stem end and cut in half as needed.
      • Cut carrots 1/2 inch thick
      • Heat heavy pan (I like cast iron for this) over high heat
      • Liberally coat bottom of pan with olive oil
      • Put Brussels sprouts and carrots in pan in a single layer (most important)
      • Salt in pan to induce sweating
      • Cook without moving until smoke just begins to appear
      • Turn vegetables onto opposite side and cook just a few seconds less than first side
      • Pour in Orange juice until 1/4 inch high in pan
      • Pour in water until 1/2 inch of pan is full (at the top of the vegetables)
      • Add 3 cloves smashed but no chopped garlic
      • Add crushed red pepper
      • Cook uncovered until liquid has evaporated to just coat bottom of pan
      • Turn off heat
      • Add butter and vinegar
      • Serve on a great plate
      1. Decide on how you are going to decorate for your holiday. Pinterest is a great place to find decorating ideas.
      2. Make a list of items you will need to rent, i.e. tables, chairs, linen, china, flatware, glassware and cooking equipment.
    • Four weeks prior to Thanksgiving:
      1. Don’t forget to ORDER your turkey! If you are looking for an all natural turkey than try Eastern Plains Natural Food Co-op.
      2. Also, don’t forget to place your RENTAL ORDER! Call Allwell Rents at 303-935-7705 to place your rental order for your tables, chairs, linens, china, flatware etc. Allwell is able to take orders close to the Thanksgiving holiday, but to ensure you have everything ordered give us a call soon!
      3. Divide your food list into what needs to be purchased next week, i.e. nonperishable and perishables.
    • Three weeks prior to Thanksgiving:
      1. Clean out pantries, freezers, refrigerator or any space that you will need to store your nonperishable items.
      2. Once you have made space, purchase all of the nonperishable items you will need for your meal.
      3. Start working on any craft or decorative projects you want to make for the holiday.
    • Two weeks prior to Thanksgiving:
      1. Start your first round of cooking. Many dishes can be made ahead of time and then placed in the freezer. Martha Stewart always seems to have the answers. Check out her web-page here to find make ahead recipes.
      2. Make any changes you may need to make for the rental equipment- you may call Allwell Rents at 303-935-7705
    • One week prior to Thanksgiving:
      1. If you are having house guests stay for the holiday weekend, this is a great time to get everything from gathering the clean sheets, towels and linens together as well as cleaning your home.
    • Wednesday before Thanksgiving
      1. Either pickup your rental equipment from Allwell Rents or anticipate the arrival of your rentals on this day.
      2. Defrost any of the food you have frozen and made ahead of time.
      3. Prepare any of your side dishes.
      4. Set and decorate your tables.
      1. In the morning make the stuffing for the turkey and fill the turkey.
      2. Also that morning start roast the turkey, and set up your bar.
      3. By midday you will complete the rest of your side dishes.
      4. Half an hour prior to dinner remove the turkey from the oven, make the gravy and reheat any side dishes and dress the salad.
      5. Then it’s dinner time! Enjoy!!!!

As Thanksgiving is approaching Allwell is grateful and appreciative of everyone’s support and business. As a family owed business Allwell strives to make each and every order hassle free and easy for you as our customer. We hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving and are able to spend the time with those you love.

Thank you from Allwell Rents!

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