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Super Bowl Tasting Soiree

Super Bowl 2013 is fast approaching and we have been racking our brains for a fun and unique super bowl party idea. With amazing micro-breweries popping up all over the country we thought it could be fun to skip the big name brands and offer your guests a local beer tasting instead! We have a large range of glassware available for rent to help you out with your tasting party. The perfect sized glass for tasting would be our split glass.

However, you can also go with some of our pilsner glasses if you want to give your guests a bigger taste.

If you are into the food side of things you can even pair hors d’oeuvres with each of the beer samples. If you go down that route we have you covered for appetizer plates and serving platters.

New to the pairing world? Check out this amazing beer and food pairing chart found on the Brewers Association website ( You can either download the PDF version of the chart or order a full guide with more information. The best part about this is you can make this party as fancy as you want. No one said you have to serve a duck confit hash or imported Dutch beers. It can be as simple as bratwursts and a good pilsners. Get your orders in today and help take the stress out of planning your Super Bowl party this year!

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