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Decorative Holiday Oranges

The mention of the holidays always conjures up images of pies, cookies and big family feasts. The best part of all of those things is the wonderful smells of cinnamon and spices that flow throughout the home while they are being made. So how do you get that smell to stick around after the pies have been eaten and the feast has ended without burning candles or plugging in air fresheners? You make holiday oranges to place around your home! It is a really fun and inexpensive way to spend some time with your kids or just enjoy a little craft time on your own and creates a subtle holiday atmosphere. Follow the very easy steps below:

1. Start with oranges and whole cloves

2. Insert cloves into the orange in whatever pattern you would like

3. Make as many or as few as your home can handle

4. Simply place around your home, sit back and enjoy the holiday season!

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